Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First 15 Pages and I Didn't Delete This Blog

I absolutely could not get the girl's voice right in these pages. I kept deleting to the point where I felt sort of like Dr. Frankenstein: This thing will never live! I was going to scrap the whole idea for this book. That's the way writing is sometimes, at least for me. I'm never calm about any of the words.

I always thought writers sat down (I'm imagining Charlotte Bronte who was the first writer I truly loved) at a desk and wrote away into the night with this content smile.

I'm cursing and deleting and just acting nuts.

I was going to come in and delete this blog, put my notes for this story in the recycle pile, and call it a day.

Then, bing, the writing fairies took pity on me, and I wrote a shaky draft of the first 15 pages, changed everyone's name (weirdly important) and I am normal again.

Well, for me. Hopefully, another 15 pages tomorrow, but more realistically, this weekend since I'm having a three day houseguest.


Maddy said...

R u going to post any excerpse here?

Anne Spollen said...

Hi Maddy,

I don't know if I'm going to put excerpts here or not. Maybe. I keep rewriting the beginning - I'm on number 7 as of last night. But thanks for asking!