Friday, December 11, 2009

Quick Update

The chapters are not behaving. I keep moving stuff around, then back again like a room I can't quite organize correctly. I think this is a good sign that things are beginning to take shape.

I know how that sounds: things are beginning to take shape because they are getting hard to shape. I think if you write, that makes sense. Maybe it does even if you don't write.

First three chapters are done.

I think.

Very difficult stuff to write about. I keep going back to read what people have sent me about their experiences.

And no, it's not a book about cutting. It's about a girl who has a regular life and cuts. I can't stand those books that focus on only one behavior because it's just not like that.

But I can only write this story in short periods of time.

Then again, at least three chapters are done. More or less. I think more than less, so that's progress.

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Creepy Query Girl said...

I'm glad to hear that its taking shape. That is always a good feeling. I'm one of those writers that likes to let it rip, get through the first draft and then edit after. It's messy. Very messy. And I'm starting to wonder if I should just take it one chapter at a time....